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10 Artists To Follow On Instagram

Artists often use Instagram as a means to share their art and projects. And if you’re an art fan, Instagram is the perfect place to follow your favorite artists. Below are 10 artists to follow on Instagram. Trust us, you’re going to want to check them out. 

1. @florencegiven

Florence Given is a London-based illustrator whose Instagram is full of feminist illustrations, witty advice, Fleetwood Mac, and countless videos of the influencer carefree and dancing around her London apartment. Florence Given uses her art for activism, focusing on intersectional feminism and the LGBTA+ community specifically. Given creates illustrations featuring women, often with witty original quotes. The young artist also recently released her very own book. Given also posts her fun and vibrant style, which often includes bright colors, bold prints, and her signature sunglasses. Given’s Instagram is full of dreamy ’70s aesthetics, bold illustrations, and her fiery and passionate activism, all of which makes her account a must follow.

2. @banksy

Banksy is an iconic street artist, best known for beautiful art around the world with strong political and moral messages. Banksy remains anonymous, with no one actually knowing the artist’s real identity. Banksy routinely does interesting street art that is meant for public consumption, rather than elitist and expensive art that is sold in luxury galleries. Banksy famously put a built-in shredder in one of his pieces, and activated the shredder during an auction immediately after the piece was sold. His Instagram account is a great display of his confirmed creations, especially considering Banksy himself will never put on an art gallery or put his art up for sale. Banksy’s Instagram is a great way to see all of his new pieces and insightful commentary.

3. @artyspeach

If you love a dreamy pastel atheistic, @artsypeach is the account for you. The young artist, Noor, often paints on guitars, her legs, mirrors and other unique mediums to create beautiful art. The artist’s aesthetic comprises summer-related things, flowers, and bright pastels. If you love paintings of flowers, the sky, and landscapes, you’re going to want to give @artsypeach a follow. Her style is impressionist inspired, and is reminiscent of Monet and Van Gogh.

4. @kehindewiley

Famously known for painting the Obamas’ presidential portraits, Kehinde Wiley focuses on featuring black people in traditional portraiture style and heroic poses, or images that were typically reserved for white men. Wiley combines classic portrait style with bold colors and prints to create beautiful portraits featuring people of color. Wiley’s paintings reference old masters’ style, but with a new modern twist. Wiley’s paintings are amazing and colorful with strong messages. Wiley is an extremely influential artist, and his work has great cultural impact and importance.

5. @alexis_art

Alexis Franklin is a digital artist that creates bold, pop art-inspired portraits. Her Instagram features beautiful and colorful portraits. If you love pop art, this is a great account to follow. Alexis even posts videos detailing the process to create her art. Her portraits combine realism with bright colors, and are full of depth and contrast. If you want a modern twist on classic portraits, Alexis Franklin’s account is great to follow.

6. @sarahbahbah

Sarah Bahbah is a photographer that creates elaborate photoshoots mimicking film scenes. She then overlays original lines, like subtitles, onto the photographs. Sarah Bahbah frequently creates dreamy aesthetics that embrace traveling, elegance and a strong vintage film vibe. She has worked with musicians for music videos, and even did a shoot with Noah Centineo. Bahbah’s art screams style with a fun element, and her original lines add creativity and depth. Bahbah also speaks openly about mental health and what her art means to her on her Instagram.

7. @kamillacollages

Kamilla Varga creates collages full of fun pop culture references, all of which are accented with bold colors. Varga’s collages are stylish and fun, often featuring famous models, looks from runway shows and dreamy nature images. Her collages scream ‘cool girl,’ and combine to form an effortless feed aesthetic. Varga also creates custom collages upon request. Varga’s work has a strong style, and her feed is full of beautiful collages that combine fashion, glamour, and art. These collages will be the perfect addition to your feed if you love fashion and art.

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8. @polina.bright

Polina Bright is a fine artist that creates beautiful watercolor portraits. She often shows her artistic process with various videos. Bright even incorporates nature and animals into her colorful portraits to create a fun and creative aesthetic. The artist also shares many sketches in pencil, which often comprise the geometric lines and bold shapes she uses to create her portraits. Bright combines traditional techniques with a strong artistic style to create beautiful watercolor portraits. Seeing the finished products and watching Bright create them is a treat to anyone who follows her. 

9. @katierodgers

Katie Rodgers is an artist that typically paints beautiful dresses and peaceful scenes of nature. Rodgers’ Instagram is full of flowers, scenic balconies and ballerinas. Her paintings have bold strokes and are somewhat abstract. Rodgers also frequently uses pastels for dreamy pieces of her simplistic and elegant figures. Rodgers’ combination of pastel colors and elegant lines create a whimsical and dreamy feed. For several years Rodgers lived in New York City, but she recently moved to New Mexico to focus her paintings on nature and the desert. Rodgers is also a world traveler, and will often document her amazing trips on Instagram as well as use her travels for painting inspiration.

10. @the.daily.splice

Adam Hale is a collage artists that posts daily creations of his original collages. He often combines pop culture with beautiful scenery to create unique abstract compositions. Hale always uses a simplistic background of a solid beige to focus the viewer’s attention on the image he created. His daily posting schedule is great if you want art constantly in your feed. Hale will often show his process for making his collages, which is super intriguing to see while scrolling through your feed. Hale’s pieces are simple but bold, the type of art you will want to hang on your walls. His precision and clean lines make his collages especially beautiful. If you’re into modern art, do yourself a favor and give him a follow. 

Do you love art? Do you have any favorite artists on social media? Let us know what you think of these artists in the comments!

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Dana Flynn

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