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10 Amazing Taprooms To Visit On The West Coast

It’s officially Spring, which means it’s time to go outside, enjoy fresh air, and get to a taproom. Here are ten amazing breweries and taprooms to visit on the west coast. 

1. Taplands

This small hole in the wall, located in Silicon Valley, is a great place to grab a craft beer or two and hang out with family fan friends. This amazing taproom offers beer lovers more than 25 craft beers on tap, over 50 bottled beers, and an array of delicious and healthy snacks and sandwiches. Taplands also has its own brewing recipe and offers growlers to the masses when a new batch comes to the market. The owner of Taplands, Matt Hartenstein, wants this amazing taproom to feel like a friendly neighborhood bar. Deemed on the best taprooms, according to Yelp, Taplands is an amazing taproom to visit. 

2. The Running Shop & Hops

Located in Morgan Hill, California, The Running Shop and Hops is another amazing taproom to visit on the west coast. This taproom is passionate about many aspects of life, family, community, good food, but they are most passionate about being a gathering place where people can feel at home. The Running Shop and Hops main goal is to support small businesses, maintaining their core values, and providing the community with an amazing atmosphere with amazing beer. 

3. Old Stove Brewing Co.

Old Stove Brewing Co., located in Seattle, Washing, in the heart of the pacific northwest, is an amazing taproom to visit and drink at while on the west coast. This amazing taproom is located right on the Seattle waterfront and has a breathtaking view. Along with having amazing views of the Pacific Ocean, Old Stove Brewing also provides consumers with great food and great craft beers. People deem Seattle a great city to get a cup of coffee; well, that may be true. The city of Seattle is a great city to get amazing craft beer as well. Check out this amazing taproom on the west coast. 

4. Woods Island Club

This amazing taproom and club are unlike many on the west coast. Woods Island Club is out in the City by the Bay, San Francisco, California, and gives off a strong beach and oasis vibe filled with wine, spirits, and craft beer. This amazing taproom provides people who live in the Bay Area a great place to get craft beer, food, wine, and all while enjoying a beach getaway for a couple of hours in one of the coolest and most historic cities on the west coast. Enjoy some great views, great weather, and great beer and wine at Woods Island Club.

5. Solera Brewery

Located in Oregon’s great state, Solera Brewery provides people of all backgrounds with great beer and an even better atmosphere. If you love to have a beverage with a view, this brewery and taproom is a great place regarding outdoor scenery. On a pitcher-perfect day, Solera has an amazing view of Mount Hood in all its glory visible to patrons who visit and sit outside in their back patio. Solera Brewery has a lot of great beer on tap, ranging from craft beers and to Pale Ales, and is a great place to unwind, grab a drink, and take in a breathtaking view.  

6. Ballast Point

Ballast Point, dedicated to the craft, is dedicated to the love of beer. In the late 90’s, 1996, a small group of homebrewers from San Diego yearned to make a better beer for the people of San Deigo. Unlike most breweries, Barebottle became obsessed with local ingredients, multiple taste tests, and experimenting with different and unique shops to find the right balance of aroma and taste for their product. Their well-known, award-winning Sculpin IPA has been a staple in the wine, spirits, and beer community. Breweries all across the globe know the Ballast Point name. The Ballast Point labs solely focus on yeast, fermentation, propagation, shelf life, and freshness. If you’re new to the beer community or a long-time vet, and you are looking for a great beer, look no further than Ballast Point. 

7. Stone Brewing

This brewery in Escondido, California, the ninth-largest craft brewer in the United States, is one of the top breweries in the nation that specialize in the art of brewing craft beer. Stone Brewing was one of the first-ever to establish the well know west coast IPA. This amazing brewery and taproom also specialize in tasty imperial stouts, barrel-aged beverages, along with various beers that defy the odds. They work hard to brew great-tasting beers while using fresh and homegrown ingredients grown by the community. Stone Brewery is so popular that its products can be found and bought in more than 40 countries worldwide. Stone Brewery’s mascot, the Gargoyle, represents their ideology of fighting off cheap ingredients, pasteurization, and bad additives that are in most beer. If you love craft beer, you need to check out Stone Brewery.  

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8. Birdsview Brewing Company

This small craft brewery is located in Birdsview, Washington, may be small in stature, but this amazing west coast brewery and taproom pack many flavors. The great aspect that this amazing taproom and brewer brings is that all of the ingredients that they use are from the state of Washington. This taproom and brewery provide people with different types of beers from craft beers, Pale Ales, lagers, and they delve into different and unique hops and ingredients. 

9. Fiftyfity Brewing Co.

This amazing taproom and brewing company is unique by sourcing everything from ingredients, hops, cans, and bottles. Located in Truckee, California, Fiftyfifty Brewing Company is one of the best taprooms and Brewing Company in the historic Reno-Tahoe area, along with the west coast. Fiftyfifty Brewing company has branched out and delivered their products worldwide, California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and only deliver to those states on the west coast. So if you want the great beer of this amazing brewing company, you will have to be on the west coast to have a chance to get Fiftyfifty products.  

10. 21st Amendment Brewery

This brewery and taproom in the heart of San Francisco, California, has been a staple in the beer industry for generations. Nico Freccia and Shaun O’Sullivan, founders of the 21st Amendment, are both from Los Angeles and were not pleased with the lack of beer culture in Los Angeles county. Freccia and Sullivan met while in the same summer class, brewing science, at UC Davis. Their dream and bond they formed in their classes finally formed into the well-known 21st Amendment Brewery. 21st Amendment Brewery specializes in many different craft beers, Pale Ales, Indiana Pale Ales, and is most well known for their trendy seasonal beer Hell or High Watermelon. Another amazing aspect about 21st Amendment Brewery is that it’s two blocks away from Oracle Park, the San Francisco Giants’ home. So if you’re going to San Francisco, going to a Giants game, then you should stop by 21st Amendment Brewery for some great beer in a great atmosphere.  

Those are a few amazing taprooms to visit while on the west coast. Do you like our recommendations? Tell us in the comments below! Cheers!

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