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10 Amazing SJU Rooms for Dorm Decor Inspiration

Decorating a dorm room can be hard, as you are limited to so little space! The following SJU students did a great job of making their spaces their own, just like you can do this school year! These rooms show the students’ different personalities and unique flair. Keep reading for these 10 amazing SJU dorm decor inspiration ideas!

1. Clean & Simple

You should always start with your bedding. The hardest thing about decorating a dorm room is the bedding. It is the focal point of the whole room, and is also undoubtedly the most necessary piece of furniture. Can’t decide what kind of bedding you want for your dorm room? Well, the one thing you can never go wrong with is white bedding! It may seem boring, but it blends well with anything and allows the room to look simple, fresh, and clean. If you don’t want just a white bedspread, try one with a fabric that incorporates white with one other color. This SJU dorm room shows how white bedding can allow many different colors in a dorm room to come together nicely without the colors clashing.

2. Light & Cheerful

Taking advantage of good lighting is always a good idea. You can never go wrong! The perfect lighting will help make a room feel more home-y no matter what! Not many dorms come built-in with spectacular lighting so buy a fun lamp to put beside your bed or invest in Christmas lights to hang on your ceiling! Lighting is so important for making you feel more positive about moving away from home.

3. Less is More

Simplicity is key. Always. This dorm room is a perfect example of how minimal decorations can make for the best decorations. When there is less to see, the focal points and decorations of the room stand out easier.

4. Playful Wall Art

Wall stickers can really add to a student’s dorm decor if they do not like to look at bare walls but don’t want to crowd their room with pictures and posters. Wall stickers are easy to find and come in many different varieties. You can find quotes, cute sayings, or really anything else you might like! Many are adhesive, so no need for nailing or hanging!

5. Warm & Cozy

For those who enjoy darker and cozier settings, this is the perfect example. The darker bedding and limited light gives the room a warmer feeling. The softly glowing hanging lights along with some personal candid photos give the room a tranquil and comforting touch.

6. A Taste for Tapestry

Tapestries are one of the easiest ways to add more personality to a room. They can be found at many different stores and add the perfect chill vibe to any dorm.

7. Bottom Bunk Photo Collage

Moving into a dorm away from home can be hard. Adding a little bit of family photos to fall asleep next to can help ease the pain. Just because you have bottom bunk doesn’t mean you can’t use dorm decor inspiration!

8. Comfortable Triplet

This dorm is the perfect look for cozy comfortable…and it’s a triplet! Making the room yours is also a major key in dorm decor. Collaborating with your roommate(s) like this allows you to feel like this dorm is very much your new home. Bunk two beds to one side and leave the single bed on the other side of the room as is. Invest in some customized dorm decor to make the tight space feel more welcoming. Any monogrammed or initialed decorations are sure to make anyone feel special, even if they are all cramming together like sardines! The dimmed lighting and grey tones in the room also makes this a great place to study and get homework done in a relaxing environment.

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9. A Beautiful Balance

Balancing décor ideas is also important. This dorm has the perfect balance of light and shadow. It is simple but also filled with many things that are reminders of home. The bedding has color, but is light enough that it allows for many colors to be used throughout the room.

10. Patterns, Patterns, Everywhere

This is the perfect example of adorable dorm decor patterns-without too much pattern mixing! Like we mentioned before, a tapestry is the perfect addition to any bare wall because they are pretty and fun, but also warm and cozier than a bare cement wall. An adorable patterned throw blanket at the end of your bed also adds the perfect touch of pattern and color!

Notice: The mix of patterns in this room’s dorm decor work so well mostly due to the fact that the bedspread itself is a simple, clean, white!

What are some other great SJU dorm decor inspiration ideas!? Comment below and share this article with friends!

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