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10 Always Trendy Nail Designs

10 Always Trendy Nail Designs

Trendy nail designs are always changing. Here are some styles that never go out of style and have endless combinations to last forever.

1. Multicolor Nails

Like a lot of the trendy nail designs on this list, multicolor nails are versatile and will always look fun. If you are someone that does not like extra accessories on your nails, this set would be great for you. This set is great because there is no need for an extra design or gems to help this basic design. Also, they are trendy year-round nails, for they are matchable for any season or occasion without the added effort. They are also great because they can match any nail shape or length.


2. Seasonal Nails 

Seasonal trendy nail designs are for the festive folk. If you cannot wait for the holidays every year, festive nails are your calling. This look can be achieved in many ways, from basic colors that match a holiday or stickers that make it clear which holiday is coming up. There are so many adaptable styles for each holiday that you will never be bored. My personal favorite is Halloween nail sets because they can be interpreted as cute or creepy, but there are so many options for the holidays that I go through each one!

3. French Tip Twist 

If you know anything about trendy nail designs it is that the French tip design is a classic. The always popular set has a modern upgrade in various styles. There is a classic square shape that can be painted the same different color besides the regular white or a simple glitter line, which is currently very popular. Another modern way is like below, in which everything changes. This is a current trendy nail design that changes the nail shape, color, and design of the nail but still references its origin. The change of the shape is controversial, but the classic French tip look is still achievable. 


4. Minimalist Nails

Minimalist trendy nail designs are exactly what they sound like. It is using very simple designs as a trendy nail set. This can be done with dots, minimal gems, or lines like below. This look can be achieved with color as well or even with stickers that do not cover the whole nail. It is related to the negative space nails listed below, but minimalist nails are meant to seem minimal. The open space brings focus to the design for these nails. Less is definitely more with this trendy nail design.


5. Nude and Gold Nails

I love referring to these trendy nail designs as Royalty Nails because the little gold goes a long way. It is a timeless trendy nail design that can be as simple or layered as desired. I personally love the collected simplicity look like the design below, in which gold striping tape lines and gold glitter are united for a complete look. The purpose of this set is to have an aura of elegance with a modest design. This is a nail set that will match whatever you wear and will complete your look on regular days.

6. Ombre Nails

Ombre is always a party nail set, especially for those who get glow-in-the-dark nails. These trendy nail designs are always in style, for they can be simple or complex. Ombre is not just for color, but glitter can also be painted to seem gradually light to heavily set. Some nail technicians use rhinestone gems on longer nails to show transitions or painted designs as well. If you are someone that gets tired easily, try color-changing ombre nails. Either the acrylic or the polish will change depending on temperature and your ombre will not look the same the entire time. This is one easy way to upgrade your nails with no add-ons! 



7. Negative Space Nails

Now, negative space nails sound similar to minimalist nails because it is the unpainted part that gets highlighted. Negative space trendy nail designs are different because it is really the part of the nail that was purposely omitted as part of the design. What makes this a trendy nail design is that there are so many ways to create negative space, especially when using clear tips. A common trend with negative space is using multiple colors and making it look like a painter’s palette rather than their finished artwork. It is all about illusions with this set. 

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8. Nature Nails

I love nature-themed trendy nail designs. These are spring and summertime nails and should always be worn accordingly. The flowers used in these nails can be used in various ways and merged with another style on this list. For example, when I had my nature nail set, I made sure to ask my technician to leave enough space and create an illusioned negative space like the picture below. That resulted in a trendy nail design that highlighted the flowers in my nails and complemented the entire set. 

9. Metallic Chrome Nails

Metallic chrome trendy nail designs are show-off nails. When I first started regularly getting my nails done, all I ever wanted were chrome nails. I must have tried every color and some combinations by now. I love these nails and they are timeless with the modern way of styling them. The nail set below shows all of the nails with some type of chrome on them, but the trendy nail design now is to limit them and only have two to four nails with chrome, while the others are more simple with a matching color or more complex with accessories. No matter what you choose, this set will definitely impress someone.



10. Matte Nails

Lastly, matte trendy nail designs are what are referred to as professional nails. They are still very adaptable and can be used in a mix with any of the designs above. They can be the most plain or intricate nail design, based on personal preference. The best way is to use with another design, as with the gold striping tape below, or with multicolored nails. Honestly, there is no way to wear matte badly as it is always a trendy nail design.


What are your favorite trendy nail designs? Let us know in the comments! 

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