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10 Affordable Health Supplements Perfect For Students

10 Affordable Health Supplements Perfect For Students

Trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle as a student is frustrating. The time, the effort and the cost it takes to reach whatever fitness goal we may have, can sometimes be a bit out of our reach. While the time and energy we spend trying to achieve these goals is completely up to us, the price we pay to get the right nutritional intake, unfortunately, is not. However, despite what you may think; there actually are some affordable health supplements out there, perfect for our puny student budget! With products starting at under $10, here are 10 affordable health supplements from Myprotein that every student trying to pursue a healthy lifestyle should know about.

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For Muscle and Strength

If your main fitness goals revolve around lean muscle mass, these products are designed to increase training power and repair muscles quicker, making for all over enhanced strength.


1. Impact Whey Protein

What’s great about this product is that it is perfect for anyone, whether you’re a fitness newbie or a professional athlete. Myprotein’s Impact Whey Protein can help increase your protein intake and ultimately gain lean muscle. With a range of both essential and non-essential amino acids (which are important for recovery and stimulating muscle growth), Impact Whey Protein is low in fat and carbs, and comes in 25 delicious flavors!


2. Instant Oats

A very convenient (it comes in powder form) type of carbohydrate, Instant Oats can either be added to your shakes to increase calorie intake, or even act as a meal replacement. Even professional figure athlete, Nina Ross, enjoys Myprotein’s Instant Oats as the perfect pre and post workout supplement!

3. Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine plays a vital role in energy production and is also crucial to muscle gain. Creatine Monohydrate, in particular, is a naturally occurring creatine that can be found in food sources such as beef. Due to its lack of taste, this product can be mixed in with just about anything, making it easy to add to your daily ritual.


Diet and Weight Loss

We all know how miserable the weight loss process can be, and I hate to break it to you, but there is no quick fix. It all comes down to adopting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle – for the long run. There are, however, a few health supplements that can help with the process.


4. Impact Diet Whey Protein

An excellent source of protein, the Myprotein Impact Diet Whey protein mix consists of a blend of whey protein concentrate and milk protein concentrate, with an added source fiber. Thanks to its low GI carbohydrate and high protein contents, this product can help contribute to fat loss and the maintenance and growth of lean muscle mass.

5. Protein Cookie

Particularly for those of you used to indulging in your sweet tooth, transitioning to a healthier diet can be hard and unsatisfying. Well, who says you need to completely rid yourself of dessert? You just need to pick the right ones, like these protein cookies from Myprotein. With over 50% protein content, these treats will satisfy your sweet tooth AND provide you the nutrition you need to help contribute to your daily protein intake.


6. Omega 3

You may think it’s counterproductive to add fat to your diet if you’re trying to lose fat. Wrong. Healthy fats are actually essential to any diet. Omega 3 is one of these healthy fats, and is often under consumed. Those looking for assistance in balancing out their diet, adding an Omega 3 health supplement is a great choice.


Energy and Endurance

If you’re looking for products to boost your energy levels and give you the building blocks necessary to excel in endurance training, these healthy supplements are must-haves!

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For one of the most effective pre-workout formulas available, all fitness buffs should consider this product. Available in 7 tasty flavors, MYPRE provides a number of key ingredients which work together to improve performance.

8. Huricane Extreme

Just as important as pre-workout consumption, this post workout supplement is a great all-in-one powder. Myprotein has combined the perfect concoction of protein, creatine monohydrate and high and low GI carbohydrates. They also added amino acids; L Leucine, Glycine, Histidine and Carnosine, for extra health benefits.  Myprotein athlete Simeon Panda enjoys Huricane Extreme as a fantastic option for a meal replacement.


9. Recovery XS

Again, in order to reach your nutritional goals, you have to be well aware of the recovery process – aka – what you put into your body AFTER the workout. Recovery XS is a cutting edge protein blend that helps enhance the muscle recovery process, allowing for a stronger and increased performance… just ask Myprotein athlete, Lewis Harrison!


10. Caffeine Pro

To really give you that extra energy boost, caffeine supplements can be an extremely effective option. Keep in mind that these are stimulants, so be sure to take them early in the day and only follow the recommended amount to avoid sleeping problems.

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