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10 Adult Jokes You Missed in Your Favorite Childhood Shows/Movies

10 Adult Jokes You Missed in Your Favorite Childhood Shows/Movies

Remember the classics Beauty & The Beast and Aladdin? Or our favorites Shrek and Scooby Doo? They were our favorites years ago and they sent us whirling into laughter with their silly shenanigans and costumes. And our parents laughed along with us… though for different reasons that we thought. Now that we are older, when we re-watch our old favorites with our younger siblings, we are shocked when we realize why exactly our parents were laughing: our childhood movies and tv shows are jam-packed with adult jokes. Here are 10 times some of our favorite childhood shows and movies used adult jokes and we didn’t even realize it (until now).

1. Looks like Daffy duck has a (not-so) secret subscription.

2. And apparently so did Grandpa Lou from Rugrats.


3. That wasn’t even subtle…

4. I definitely did not know what drag was.


5. This is actually pretty funny.


6. Go ahead, finish your sentence Esmeralda..

7. No need to explain further.

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8. That’s a sexual innuendo if I’ve ever seen one.

9. Interesting choice…

10. We can always count on Sponge Bob for some quality adult jokes.

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