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10 Adult Halloween Costumes You Should Try

Halloween is upon us, and it is time to start looking into what costumes we are doing to be dawning this all hallows eve! Last year was a bit difficult for dressing up and, of course, parties. However, this year may allow us to dress up and show off some fantastic, fun, and cute Halloween attire. I considered that costumes are expensive; I included costumes you can create at home or purchase in-store. So your options are vast! Check out the list below for ten adult Halloween costumes you should try this year. There is something for just about everyone on the list, so check it out and share it with your friends and family!

1. Sugar Skull/Dia De Los Muertos/Day of the Dead

Costumes do not have to be over the top or extremely expensive, and if you are on a budget, there are simple things you can do to achieve various desired looks. With this costume, you can implement other party dresses, black stockings, heels, and use your own makeup or inexpensive face paint to make it happen! If you are going to a party, you can choose a shorter party dress, add costume jewelry, or other things you believe will spice up the look. If you are worried about the makeup aspect of the look, fear not! There are stickers and even partial masks you can pick up for your costume. I love this costume because of the meaning of the sugar skulls, and it is a great way to honor Mexican heritage. The colors used in these costumes and the face paint are gorgeous. You can try to accomplish the look on your own, or you can check out websites like and to find something you like! Try it out for yourself this year!

2. Jessica Rabbit/ Mrs. Rabbit

This costume is on the list because you can accomplish this look without buying additional clothing. If you have a red dress and heels, you are nearly done with the outfit. You can pick up a red wig, or you can use the red spray for your hair for the evening. Jessica also has long purple gloves, but you can pick those up or use an alternative if you cannot find something. Use purple eyeshadow, and you are good to go! If you do want to purchase the outfit, has a great costume choice.

3. Harley Quinn Birds of Prey Costume

Harley Quinn’s costume is a little different from her traditional look over the years. This costume features a pair of shorts, stockings, and a pink crop top. The stockings give the illusion of tattoos with tally marks, the work Pudding, and other various designs. The printed shorts look like they are a pair of jeans and have suspender straps attached. You can throw your hair in pigtails and use some dark eyeliner and rosy lips. Of course, you can create this costume at home by wearing cut-off shorts, a pink crop top, and creating your own suspenders with loose material and safety pins. Remember, you do not have to shell out a lot of money to look amazing! However, if you want to nail this look, you can always grab the wig sold separately at If you are looking to make this a couple costume, you are in luck. There is an Adult Black Mask Costume from Birds of Prey. Check out the website for more information!

4.  Harry Potter

As you know, Harry Potter is a prevalent theme, and it is perfect for this time of year! We love witches and wizards, so why not try this outfit out. You can easily create this costume with things at home or by purchasing just a few items and combining them with things you already have at home.  You can wear a button-up shirt and a black skirt with a tie featuring the color of the house you wish to be in! Wear some Mary-Janes, Creepers, or black ballet flat shoes and throw a black robe or long black cardigan over your button-up shirt. If you want to wear the crest of the house you want to be in, you can get patches from various fabric stores or even print out the crest and attach it to the robe. You can purchase wands online or in retail stores such as Want to add some magic to your costume? Attach a faux feather (with thin string) to your wand and let the leviosa begin! However, if you want to buy a costume, Spirit Halloween has a nice women’s costume.

5. Adult M&M Costume

This costume can also be done at home for free! You can get a red t-shirt and use felt to create a white “M” and either apply the “M” with a glue gun or something else to attach it to the shirt. Likewise, you can grab a red beanie and do the same for that. Wear black pants, and you are ready to roll!  For women, if you are interested in being the Green M&M you can wear a Green t-shirt or crop top with a black skirt, stockings and white heels or wear an extra-long green shirt, tighten it around your waist with a belt or sash, wear black shorts and stockings with heels or flats. Be creative and use what you have to pull together the perfect look and save you cash! The Spirit Halloween store has made dressing like an M&M more comfortable than you would imagine.  Check out the Spirit Halloween website to pick up this costume for $24.

6.  Unicorn

Ladies, if you are like me and love all things unicorn and mythical, you should try out a unicorn costume this year! However, you do not have to cover your entire body, and you can compromise with making a cute or sexy costume versus’ something that will cover you entirely or make it hard to move in. When you are at a party or hanging out with friends, you want to be comfortable. You can easily create a sexy or sweet unicorn design by wearing a white or shimmery party dress you may already own. Another option would be a white or pastel maxi dress. You can purchase a unicorn horn from several stores, and you can wear body glitter or body gel to create a glittery luster to your look. You can use pastel hair sprays, or you can purchase a pastel wig if you like. Heels or flats are a great option to complete the look. However, if you are looking for a sexy unicorn costume, has a lovely option or

7. Easy Adult Butterfly

I love butterflies, and I know a lot of adults who do as well. This is a great costume for someone that wants to do an easy-going and simple costume but still dresses up for a party or event. Spirit Halloween made a poncho in the design of a purple butterfly, and all you have to do is put a dress, pants, leggings, or any other preferred bottom article of clothing on and some shoes. You can easily dress up this costume with some stellar makeup designs or even face tattoos and stickers sold at any Halloween or party-themed store.  This costume will only set you back $24.99. Check out the purple butterfly poncho! Keep in mind if you like the poncho idea, you will like the other options of a unicorn poncho, scarecrow poncho, dark unicorn poncho, or pumpkin poncho.

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8. 1980’s Teenager

The 1980s is a popular time to recreate and probably one of the most fun. The colors and clothing were vibrant and full of crazy designs. This look is actually effortless to recreate now since many colors and designs are coming back around. In fact, fanny packs have made their way back in the past year or so and can be found even in high-end fashion companies. Leggings come in many colors and designs these days, some even dawn cartoon characters or other popular culture icons we love. You can throw on a pair of bright leggings, tennis shoes, and your favorite crop top for this outfit. You can also find tutu’s sold online if you want to add a little extra to your outfit. All you need to do is add bright eye shadow and pull your hair up into a side pony, and you have an outfit from the 1980s. If you like, you can add jean jackets and bangles to your ensemble. You can find great additional pieces for your outfits at Spirit Halloween, such as geometric earrings, inflatable boombox, inflatable guitar, inflatable phone, and a mullet. If you want to do a Madonna-inspired outfit, you can wear a corset and a tutu with a bandana headband. Be creative and have fun! To get the outfit below, check out

9. Cowgirl or Cowboy/Country Person

A cowgirl or cowboy theme would be an easy outfit to create at home, but you can also purchase it online at various websites. You can easily wear cut-off jean shorts or jeans in general paired with boots and a plaid crop top or tied-off shirt.  Add a hat or bandana, and your look will be complete. Of course, you can put your hair in pigtails or a low-side pony if you are going to wear a hat. If you choose no hat, you can tie the loose pigtails with small ribbons. Men can choose jeans, boots, a plaid button-up top, and a hat to look the part. Try this one from The Halloween Spot!

10. Cher/Dion or Ty from Clueless

You can purchase the Cher outfit from, but if you are looking to put something together yourself using your own clothing, you may want to pull together some things you already have. While the infamous yellow outfit is associated with the movie, you can also look at other outfits Cher or Dion wore in the film. A white blouse with a gingham mini skirt or a faux-leather skirt and chunky heels would also work. Of course, you can still find the yellow plaid skirts and blazer tops for this look. You can also go with the more monotone color scheme Dion had while still wearing the same style outfit Cher had. If you are looking for something more comfortable, you can always wear an outfit Ty wore before her makeover. Overalls, a tank, and an oversized sweater tied around your waist would work for this. Don’t forget Dr. Martens! All these outfits are achievable at home.

As you can see, Halloween is a time you can dress to impress or dress for comfort. You do not need to break the bank to achieve these looks, and you can find alternatives online. The list provided should help you get back into Halloween spirit and give you great inspiration for creative partygoing outfits. If you like the ideas provided to create the at-home looks or the options to buy these costumes, be sure to share them with others!

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