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10 Adorable Gameday Outfits At University Of North Dakota

10 Adorable Gameday Outfits At University Of North Dakota

Whether you are alumni, a current student, or even just an all-around die hard “Fighting Sioux” fan, these outfits are sure to make your gameday experience a 10 out of 10! Everyone knows that a gameday requires a good Instagram or Facebook post and who’s to say that an adorable outfit couldn’t contribute to that? Want to make sure you’re wearing the right things to a gameday? Keep reading for 10 adorable gameday outfits at University of North Dakota that you can pull together to show off your school spirit while also making a fashion statement!

1. The Classic Hockey Jersey

What is North Dakota Known for? Our love for hockey and beer. The hockey jersey is an essential when it comes to UND gameday attire. Pair your jersey with a pair of leggings or jeans and booties to show your school spirit and to also look cute and girly while doing it!


2.  The Leather Jacket

You can never go wrong with mixing an adorable UND tee with an edgy leather jacket. Leather jackets are my go to wear-everywhere jacket. You’re sure to be the coolest girl at the game with this outfit! Check yes for one of the cutest gameday outfits at University of North Dakota!




3. Cut Up T-shirts

What’s not to love about this outfit? A little shoulder and a little skin to make your gameday look cute and spunky! Pair this outfit with a trendy little choker and a pair of high top converse!



4. Denim, Denim, Denim!

With Denim jackets going off the charts this year don’t be afraid to add this staple to your gameday apparel! This vintage look is cute, trendy, and adorable. Throw on a pair of Adidas and a choker for a super comfy-cute look!




5. Long Cozy Cardigans

There’s only so much time until the North Dakota weather hits so you’ll want to make sure your staying comfy, cozy, and cute. What better way to do that than to add a cardigan over your UND apparel?

6. Sporty chic

Complete your gameday outfit by looking casual and chic in one of UND’s baseball caps! This trend makes it easy to a) cover up a bad hair day, b) add a sporty touch to your outfit, and c) stay super-comfortable throughout your day.



7. Flannel love

If you don’t have at least one flannel in your closet are you even from North Dakota? Flannels are a must have when it comes to your gameday wardrobe. Whether it be wrapping it around your waste as an accessory or to keep you warm throughout your gameday activities you can never go wrong with even having one in every color!




8. Comfy Vests

Keep your look simple by adding a vest to your UND apparel for a casual yet cute winter outfit. Pair your vest with a cozy crewneck, a long sleeve shirt or sweater!

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9. Don’t have any UND apparel?

Don’t have any UND apparel of your own? Throw together a cute outfit by grabbing anything green, black, or white out of your closet. My go-to is always a chunky sweater to keep me snug throughout the hockey games!


10. Winter hats

Keep yourself warm by adding a hat to your gameday wardrobe. Living in North Dakota calls for a hat in almost every color, am I right ladies? Make your gameday outfit adorable and cozy by adding a winter hat to your wardrobe.



Do you have any other cute ideas for gameday outfits at University of North Dakota? Share in the comments below!

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