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Adorable Gameday Outfits at Michigan State University

Adorable Gameday Outfits at Michigan State University

If there’s one thing that is need to know about MSU gamedays, it’s that outfits are nothing to joke about. Not only do you want to represent your school, but you also need to look insta-ready for any possible pics taken. Green and white attire is not a suggestion, but more-so mandatory before even stepping foot in EL. The bigger, the bolder, the better is a good motto for dressing yourself on gameday. Grand River might as well be a runway, as thousands show off their school spirited ensembles. To try and narrow down the single cutest outfit on gameday is near impossible, so instead here’s 10 adorable gameday outfits at Michigan State University.

1) The Cheerleader

If you didn’t make the cheer team in high school, college gives you the chance to live out your dreams with a cheerleading skirt. These skirts are certainly the most popular item on gamedays. To add to the cheerleader look, pair it with a cropped sweatshirt and some knee high socks and you’re ready for the day.

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2) Striped Overalls

Ahhh, the green and white striped overalls. It’s like the 90’s and MSU rolled into one. This outfit gives off a comedic and cute vibe, that is contagious. Seriously, it is impossible to not smile while wearing this outfit. Try rolling up the pant legs once or twice, slip on a cute tank or tee underneath, and you’re good to go. Also, keep one shoulder undone for an effortless look.

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3) Oversized Sweatshirts

No pants, no problem seems to be the way of life for some fans on gamedays. The weather has no effect on these hardcore Spartans, that will brave any cold weather to show pride for their school. On the plus side, the oversized sweatshirt is crazy comfy. Some warmness is added to the look by wearing knee high socks.

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4) Sports Jerseys

You can do no wrong with the classic jersey look. Hockey, football, or basketball jerseys are everywhere in EL on gameday. The jerseys can be worn oversized, with spandex underneath, or paired with any pants. This gives the illusion you are a sports fan without actually having to be one. Add some converse sneakers and you’re ready for the day.

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5) Loud Leggings

Until you’ve seen EL on a gameday, you never realized how many types of green and white leggings were made. This is a fun and different look that includes some crazy patterns. People will stare at you and it is okay, it’s because they’re jealous they can’t pull off the look that you’re rocking.

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6) Bleach Splattered Top

The newest and hippest trend on a MSU gameday is a homemade bleach splattered top. This look is slowly becoming more popular with each game. It’s super easy to make too. Simply get a dark green top, a little bleach, and go ham splattering your tee to your liking.

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7) The Mom/Dad Look

One thing that is randomly in style these days is moms and dads. Parents weren’t cool when we were younger, but in college, parents are loved. Obviously not their style, but just their title. It’s a super cute and funny way to dress on gamedays, when your shirt represents not only your school, but your parents as well.

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8) The Work Boot & Flannel Combo

If you decide to choose a comfier look for the day, while still looking marvelous, then channel your inner lumber jack. Lately there’s been a lot of Timberlands and flannels on gameday. Some pros about this look is that it works for both guys and girls and also it will keep you warm all day long. Want to take it a step further? Add a beanie to pull it all together.

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9) DIY Tops

Running low on money? If you have a pair of scissors and a bland MSU top, then you are already halfway to a super cute DIY outfit. There a hundreds of ways to cut a top and make it seem brand new. Bonus: You won’t accidentally be matching with anyone because of your one-of-a-kind top.

10) Clever Saying Tee

A final, super adorable outfit for gamedays is the comical saying tee. If you feel the need to show people you’re funny without actually talking, a witty shirt is the way to go. This shirt paired with literally anything will make an outfit go from cute too quirky.

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Do you have any other adorable gameday outfits you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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