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10 Activities to Make a Guys Night Fun

10 Activities to Make a Guys Night Fun

As little boys, our ways of hanging out as friends were pretty simple. From playing video games, Pokémon, and watching anime those were the best times of our lives. But as we mature, we look for more adult forms over entertainment as men. Here are 10 things to make your guy’s night a night to never forget.

1. Poker

Remember those times where we as boys our way of being competitive was through trading card games like Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokémon. Our goal was to beat the other player in either who had the strangest cards or who knew the best strategies. Playing poker is almost like that but with complex moves. As men, we love playing poker because it teaches us about deception being able to fool the other person, and let’s not forget of course that we are playing for money. I don’t know about you but having a night to fool other guys with different plays while being able to make some easy cash, sounds like the perfect way to spend my night. 


2. Pool  

Pool, in my opinion, is more leisure rather than competitive. What makes it so fun is that the entire game is based on probability and chance of being able to either sink your ball in the hole or accidentally sink your opponent’s ball in. If this happens, the game can continue your hours making the thrill more exciting. Hey if you want to make it even more fun, you can turn it into a drinking game. For every person who sinks their ball in the hole, that’s a shot. Now that’s one way to make the game of pool seem exciting and not boring. 

3. Video Games

Ok, now when it comes to boys playing video games, the first ones that came to our minds at the time were Need for Speed, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Star Wars. But when the boys get together, our types of video games are different. Instead, we preferer more mature-rated fighting and war games like Call of Duty and Mortal Kombat. But if Fighting games aren’t our style, then the one video game that all guys can agree on is playing 2K. 2k if you ask me pretty much reaches to all guys where it allows us to play from the most popular sports like from NBA, NFL even WWE. 


4. Bars

Just because you want to have a guy’s night doesn’t mean you have to stay in. The best way for us guys to enjoy having some fun time is enjoying the night out by going to a bar, catching a few drinks, and vibing out to some nice music. Hey if one bar isn’t enough, that’s the time to go bar hopping to enjoy the nightlife filled with shots and shot-gunning beers. 


5. Try a nice Steakhouse

Every guy deserves a nice steaming and juicy steak once in a while. Why not make it a group event by getting the boys together for a night out at the steak house. You can even look classy wearing some nice jeans and a button-down long-sleeve shirt looking like you are heading to the Ritz Carlton before you start sinking your teeth into a nice thick prime rib. But don’t just stop at the steak, feel free to make the evening even more enjoyable by getting some appetizers and finishing the night off with some sweet tasting dessert. 

6. Movie Night

For those nights when you just want to hang out with the guys, aren’t in the mood to go bar hopping or hit the nightclubs, get the gang together for a movie night. As men we are pretty busy so to avoid any confusion beforehand, make sure you all agree on what movie to see and what time to meet up and make sure there are plenty of tickets. Nothing is a bigger mood killer than arriving at the theater only to find out that all the tickets are sold out.  


7. Play some ball 

Most of us guys love the entertainment of playing 2k, but nothing is better than getting the chance to play actual ball with your friends. It doesn’t matter what type of sport it is as long as it is a sport such as football, baseball, soccer, or basketball, we guys can enjoy the time of being able to be competitive while still being able to be good friends at the end of the day. 

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8. Hookah Lounge 

Even as guys, we get to the age in our lives where we want to have a good night out but not have to deal with the loud crowds at bars. So if you are just looking for a nice mellow spot to vibe out then a hookah lounge would be the place. Depending on where you are at, most hookah lounges are pretty mellow where they offer seating, good food, nice music, some exotic drinks, and of course got tasting hookah flavors to make your night seem both mellow and lit. So the next time you want to go out but not deal with that loud bar life, just chill with the homeboys at a hookah spot. 


9. Cigars and Liquor 

Having the opportunity to bring the guys together and tasting different flavors of cigars and liquor can be another great way of having guy’s night. It lets us express our forms of creativity by choosing our cigar brand and liquor choice. This is also a great way to get any kind of conversation started. 

10. Fight Night

Looking for some intense manly action? It doesn’t get any more action-packed than watching Connor McGregor letting Nate Diaz know that he wants all the smoke and bloody action at their UFC event in the octagon. Hosting a fight night or hitting up your local sports bar is a perfect way to make guys night more live.


Have you had any awesome experiences having a guy’s night out? Let me know in the comments below.