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10 Activities To Fight Summer Boredom

10 Activities To Fight Summer Boredom

If you are struggling to make the most of your summer break, this list is for you! These activities are simple, affordable, and entertaining for all ages. Boredom won’t stand a chance against these creative ideas! 

1. Make Popsicles

Popsicles are the perfect summer treat! You can easily make them in your own kitchen with a few simple ingredients. You can use small paper cups if you don’t have reusable popsicle molds. Simply peel the paper off the popsicle before you eat it. Try making this recipe the next time you crave a sweet treat!



2 cups full-fat vanilla Greek yogurt

2 cups fresh or frozen berries

3 tablespoons organic honey


Place all the ingredients in a blender and pulse until you reach the desired consistency. Pour the mixture into paper cups and put a wooden craft stick in the middle of each ice pop. Freeze the pops until they are solid, and enjoy!

2. Make Bracelets

Friendship bracelets are a cute and trendy accessory to wear during the summer. You can use yarn, string, or elastic to make your bracelets. If you are headed to summer camp, consider making several bracelets with your camp name. You can hand the bracelets out to your friends so that you can all match them for the week! If you want to get fancy with your bracelets, you can buy a bracelet maker that will section out your string so you can do intricate designs. This is the perfect activity to do by the pool if you need to keep busy while you tan.


3. Catch Fireflies

If you need a simple activity to entertain kids, take them out to catch fireflies! These bright bugs can be found in your backyard during dusk. You can capture them inside a jar or hold them in your hands. Even adults can get in on the fun! Compete against your family and friends to see who can capture the most bugs at once! This summer activity is a great alternative to watching TV or playing video games. The summer season is short in the midwest, so make every warm evening count!


4. Play Paintball

If you are ready for some competition, grab a group of friends to play paintball! You can search for places that host paintball competitions near you. Dive behind walls, jump over obstacles, and strategize with your team as you try to eliminate the opposition! You will want to wear old clothes for this activity. The paintball company will supply the necessary equipment. You won’t want to miss out on this spectacular summer activity! 

5. Tie Dye

Who doesn’t love a fun tie-dye shirt for summer? Tie-dying at home is simple, easy, and affordable. All you need is a tie-dying kit, gloves, and a cotton shirt. Your shirt can be either plain or graphic, but it has to be mostly cotton. If your tie-dye kit does not come with rubber bands, you will need to buy some. You can watch a YouTube tutorial on how to make different patterns, or you can make up your own design! This summer activity is a great way to entertain kids, teens, and adults!


6. Outdoor Movie

Why watch a movie inside when you could watch it under the stars? Summertime is the perfect season for outdoor movies. You can find a drive-in theater near you, or create a backyard cinema. Either way, you will need lots of blankets, pillows, and movie snacks. Turn on your favorite movie and settle in for a cozy night under the stars!

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7. DIY Spa Day

Let’s be honest, sometimes our skin needs a little extra TLC during the summer. If you enjoy swimming in the pool, tanning under the sun, or boating on the lake, your skin and hair can easily become dry and flaky. Plan an afternoon to deep condition your hair, moisturize your face, or get your nails done. Spa days are better with a friend, so grab your girls and take some time to revitalize yourself!


8. Star Gaze

Star gazing is one of the best ways to appreciate our beautiful world. You can lay on the ground or create a cozy space in your car to observe the sky. If you know the different constellations, you can try to identify them. Compete against your date or your friends to see who can find the most constellations! You can also make up your own shapes as you gaze at the starry configurations. If you have a telescope you can get an even closer look at the galaxy. Take some time off your phone to appreciate the wonders of our earth this summer. 

9. Go To A Carnival

Colorful cotton candy, huge stuffed animals, bright twinkling lights, and a stunning starry sunset. Can you see the picture I’m painting? You won’t have to imagine it if you attend a carnival this summer! Carnivals are the perfect summer evening activity. There are always a variety of activities to pick from that keep you entertained all night long. If you want to capture Instagram-worthy pictures or just enjoy a night out with your friends, this is the activity to do!


10. Picnic In The Park

Tell me that this picture does not make your mouth water! Park picnics are a great summer activity to do with your girlfriends or your significant other! Pack up a picnic basket with all your favorite snacks and head to your favorite park. As you eat under a shady oak tree, you can stare up at the clouds to find animals and shapes. If you want to get fancy with your picnic, you can assign it a theme! You could go on a casual date with PB&J sandwiches, or plan a fancy tea party with sparkling water and charcuterie boards. Bring your meal outside this summer by planning a spontaneous park picnic!


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