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10 Reasons To Go To College In Washington

Washington is not the first state most people talk about in the U.S. Many people know it from the famous Twilight series and its notoriety of constant rainy weather. However, it is a wonderful place to attend college for many different reasons, many of which mi…


20 Signs You Go To Ohio University

1. You are familiar with the phrase, “You know that is a party school?” When you were accepted to Ohio University, your family immediately started to remind you that Ohio University is very well known for being a party school. “How will you ever get any work done??&#…


20 Signs You Go To the University of Maryland

1. Squirrels. Squirrels everywhere. Students may come and go but the squirrels are lifetime residents. And no, the black squirrel is not a myth. Bonding with my mans Malcolm #squirrelfood #umd #umdsquirrels #whatasquirrelwants A video posted by Joel Cox (@jd…


20 Signs You Go To St. John’s University

Whether you are freshmen, seniors, or alumni, you will definitely be able to relate to these 20 signs you go to St. John’s University! 1. You applied here because you got the free application in the mail your senior year of high school and figured, “Hey, why not?…

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