College Life

What To Pack For College Orientation

Orientation season is starting and heading off to your soon-to-be home for a busy overnight stay can be overwhelming. In order for you to enjoy the intro to college life (and not stress the small stuff), here is exactly what you should pack for college orientation. 1. Comfo…


The Pros And Cons Of Being A Commuter Student

With students from all walks of life attending college in today’s society, universities everywhere are catering to the demand for accessibility. Online courses, studying abroad, and night and weekend classes are all examples of opportunities for individuals seeki…


20 Signs You Go To A Huge University

1. Walking three or more miles every day is typical. 2. There is no sprinting to class five minutes before it starts and making it on time. 3. There are always people EVERYWHERE. 4. Buildings a…


Fake IDs: Are They Worth The Risk?

It seems as though fake IDs have become a mandatory item on every freshman college student’s packing list. If you’re a soon-to-be collegiate like me, you might find yourself frequently pondering whether or not you want to invest in a fake this summer (that is unless you don’t have…


How to Pay for College

The moment is finally here. You’re holding your acceptance letter, giddy and excited, possibly jumping up and down. You have officially been accepted into college, high school days are nearly behind you, and you’re gearing up to begin this next chapter in your life. New people,…


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